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Opportunistic Training

Once Upon a Time I was driving to a meeting a couple of weeks ago when my cell phone rang. I clicked the button on my wireless headset, the one located right over my left collarbone, and the electronic voice in my ear said, “call answered.” A Change of Plans “Hi, this is James,” I… Read More »

The Fat Loss Paradox

It’s Just Not Fair What a cruel twist of fate that nature contrived to reward our pursuit of weight loss by lowering our base metabolic rate. If a graph plotted the base metabolic rate as a function of calorie reduction and weight loss, it would look like an asymptotic curve, approaching but never intersecting the… Read More »

The 100 Reps Squat Routine

A few months ago I came up with a squat routine that, as far as I know, exists nowhere else. I’ve tried it a few times now, and I really love it. I call it the 100 Reps Squat Routine because, as its name implies, this routine involves performing 100 squats. I’m sure you’ve heard… Read More »

Train Like An Astronaut

Do you want to train like an astronaut? For years I’ve read that one of the biggest issues of space travel is that weightlessness (microgravity) is terrible for your body. Without resistance, your muscles rapidly atrophy and your bones literally melt into your blood. And it’s not just your muscles and bones that are impacted.… Read More »

Unlimited Muscle Growth?

There are limits to how large your muscles can get. At least so I’ve been lead to believe. And you too, probably. Muscle size is capped by the number of fast-twitch muscle fiber it has. And this number is determined, not by how much you work out, but by your genes. You could spend your… Read More »