How My Friend Lost 70 Pounds Without Changing His Diet

By | June 18, 2017

How My Friend Lost 70 Pounds Without Changing His Diet (And How You Can Lose Weight Without Changing Your Diet)

I am excited to relate a story about a friend of mine that has lost an amazing amount of weight without changing his diet at all.

The Standard American Diet

When I met Tom he was in his late twenties and a new father. Smart and stressed out, Tom was (and still is) a smoker who survived on what I can only describe as a Standard American Diet (SAD).

Somewhat overweight, he had the beginning of a pot belly. As I got to know him better I became aware that he did not enjoy any form of exercise and there was nothing I would ever be able to say or do to persuade him otherwise.

The Beginning of Obesity

Is it a boy or a girl?

Since we lived far apart, I only saw him 2 or 3 times a year. On each visit I could not help but notice that his belly was getting larger. On one visit I marveled to my wife that Tom literally looked like he was nine or ten months pregnant.

We both worried about his health. His coloration wasn’t good. He complained about fatigue every time I saw him. He looked horrible. And he wasn’t even 40 years old!

A couple of years ago he got a job at the local Home Depot. I was happy for him as he finally seemed to be enjoying a bit of stability in his employment situation.

Unintended Consequences

About 6 months after that, I had the opportunity to see him again and I thought he looked somewhat slimmer. He still had a large and protruding gut, but it seemed slightly smaller. I mentioned to him that I thought he looked a bit slimmer, and he smiled and confirmed that indeed he had lost a few pounds.

3 months later, on our next visit, his weight loss was much more noticeable. His face looked slimmer and his belly was definitely smaller. Still out there, but significantly smaller.

I commented again on his weight loss, and, again, he confirmed that he was indeed getting lighter. Curious, I asked him if he had changed his diet. “Nope,” he said with a smile. I started suspecting that his job at Home Depot was the cause of his weight loss. He had mentioned to me that he was in order fulfillment which involved moving lots of wood and appliances.

I just got back from our last visit to his town, and I was almost shocked at Tom’s look. It had been almost 8 months and Tom’s gut had almost completely disappeared. His face was much slimmer and he looked 10 years younger. And his coloring was better, too.

I commented once again at how remarkable his current look was. Getting more personal, I asked him how much weight he had lost. “I was 268 pounds two years ago, this week I went under 200 for the first time in years. I now weigh 196.” Scale

That’s a total of 72 pounds lost in 2 years – without changing his diet! At 5 feet 10 inches, Tom is still overweight, but 70 pounds is a BIG load off!

The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss

How did Tom do this? Moving wood, furniture and appliances for a net 2-3 hours a day at his job.

Keep in mind this is not overly strenuous work – Home Depot provides dollies, fork lifts and other devices to minimize physical exertion. And Tom is not moving boxes 100% of his time at work. I estimate 30% of his time at work is actually loading and unloading goods.

The secret is not the amount of exercise as much as the type of exercise. Doing his work at Home Depot, Tom uses whole body movements – frequently. Grabbing a refrigerator and tipping it back onto a dolly, or positioning it onto a fork lift, involves almost all the major muscles in your body: back, biceps, shoulders, triceps, abdominals and legs, back and front.

This type of whole body movement, especially under load, is proven to be the most effective way to permanently lose fat.

Tom’s exercise is not cardio at all. It doesn’t last very long. It doesn’t get his heart rate up that much.

But it uses all his muscles, frequently. These kinds of movements are the best forms of exertion for both building muscle and losing fat.

No Overnight Miracle

It took Tom 2 years to lose over 70 pounds. And he’s still not done. This may seem like a long time. But he’s not even trying! Furthermore, because Tom made no drastic changes in his caloric intake, his weight loss is permanent as long as he maintains his level of activity. There will be no bounce back.

Having said that, think about how much more progress he would make if he cut back on soda, pizza and French fries? Think about what he could do if he ate more veggies!

Think about what he could do if he was a bit more systematic about his exercise.

He could reduce his fat loss time by 50% or 60%, or more. What took two years could conceivable take one year or less.

The Secret

The reason I am sending you this note is not only to share this remarkable story, but to reveal this very effective technique for permanently losing fat.

That technique does not involve crazy cardio workouts, or hours and hours in the gym.

High Intensity Training

Whole Body Movements

It involves a few, simple, whole body movements, just like the ones Tom does every day.

Here they are:

  • Deadlifts – Like picking up an object off the floor
  • Squats – Like pressing a weight with your legs
  • Pushups – Like pushing a refrigerator onto a fork lift
  • Chin Ups – Like pulling a water heater towards you
  • Overhead Press – Like putting a box on a high shelf

And variations of these movements.

Basic Exercises

The Basic Exercises

You Take It From Here

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Fitness Achiever

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