My Story – Chapter 2

The Assessment After assessing my physique in the mirror, and failing miserably to produce even a small bulge by flexing my biceps, I resolved to do what I could to improve my body. I had serious doubts I could improve much, however. I had never been muscular or athletic, and I considered giving up even… Read More »

Eating Fat Is Great For You

Seriously? Is eating fat good for you? Yup, that’s right. Fat is good for you. Scratch that – fat is GREAT for you! But not just any kind of fat. You need to eat the right fat. In fact, consuming the right kind of fat can help you to lose fat. Now there’s a paradox!… Read More »

Why Smoothies Are Bad For You

I could not believe what I was hearing on television a few weeks ago. A doctor was being interviewed on one of the popular daytime TV shows, and he was asked his opinion on the benefits of drinking smoothies. His answer – smoothies aren’t that good for you. Incredulous, the host asked why. The doctor… Read More »

Why This Site – My Story

My name is James Jimenez. One day I woke up and got ready to go to work. It was early and I had just turned 30 the day before. Stripping down to my birthday suit to step into the shower, I happened to glance at the mirror over the vanity and realized that the body… Read More »