Train Like An Astronaut

By | April 21, 2017

Do you want to train like an astronaut?

astronaut in space

For years I’ve read that one of the biggest issues of space travel is that weightlessness (microgravity) is terrible for your body. Without resistance, your muscles rapidly atrophy and your bones literally melt into your blood.

And it’s not just your muscles and bones that are impacted. Your circulatory, lymphatic and even your brain and nervous system suffer the negative effects of microgravity.

You have probably seen astronauts having a hard time standing after prolonged periods in space.

NASA has spent a lot of time and resources figuring out how to prevent these effects – they want to send people to Mars, a trip that will take over a year – ONE WAY! When they get there, when they land on Mars, they need to be able to function right from the get-go. It’s a matter of survival.

Not surprisingly, what NASA has figured out is that exercise is the best way to mitigate the deleterious effects of space travel. (read more)

But not just any form of exercise.

astronaut on treadmillYou might have seen astronauts in space pumping away at stationary bikes. Or running on a treadmill, strapped with shoulder and waist harnesses. But this is only one component of a very stringent, 2.5 hour, daily workout regimen.

astronaut resistance training gear

NASA Resistance Training Aparatus

The other component, and possibly the most important and effective component, is resistance training. You may have heard of high intensity interval training (aka HIIT). This form of training involves compound movements under resistance (weights) and is a major component of training for space-bound NASA astronauts.

HIIT training has huge benefits for both building muscle and developing the cardio-vascular system.Our Ancestors It mimics the form of exercise that our primordial ancestors were forced to endure in the pursuit of food, safety and shelter. Our bodies, all of us, evolved over millions of years with precisely this form of activity.

Think about it. NASA, with all the resources it can bring to bear from thought leaders and foremost institutions worldwide, considers this form of training essential to maintain the human physiology in the most stressful and dangerous environment the human species has ever been exposed to.

Now think about what HIIT can do for us mere earth-bound mortals.

So here’s a major advantage to being earth-bound with respect to HIIT.

  • You don’t need any weights or expensive gear!
  • And you don’t need to spend 2.5 hours a day working out.
  • All you need is a small space and your body and a few minutes.

If you already exercise regularly, we’ve created The Incredible 9.5 Minute Workout. That’s right. In less than 10 minutes you can get a workout in that will keep you in shape and feeling great. You can extend it to 25 minutes by repeating the main routine twice for a killer drill that will take you to the next level.

The Incredible 9.5 Minute Workout

The Incredible 9.5 Minute Workout

If you happen to be in lousy shape, we have created a series that will take you from couch potato to a fitness achiever.

Both these programs are free. Just click here for The Incredible 9.5 Minute Workout, or here for Couch Potato to Fitness Achiever. and we’ll send you the link.

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