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By | January 11, 2017

Me at 59

My name is James Jimenez. I was born in Miami, Florida in 1958. I grew up in the Dominican Republic until I was fourteen. After graduating from high school I joined the US Air Force. I didn’t re-up when my four years were done, opting instead for an honorable discharge. I went to college, got a job working in high tech, and recently retired from that. I’ve had an extraordinary life, which make me, in most respects, quite ordinary – if that makes sense. I believe most people lead extraordinary lives. Or they could, if they could see their lives the way I see them. If they could put down their shackles and free themselves to walk lightly and go and do whatever their hearts truly desired.

One day, shortly after moving to California, I woke up and got ready to go to work. It was early and I had just turned 30 the day before. Stripping down to my birthday suit to step into the shower, I happened to glance at the mirror over the vanity and realized that the body I was looking at was not the one I had envisioned earlier in my life. My belly had expanded rapidly in the last couple of years, and I had man boobs. I lifted my arm and made a muscle. There was nothing…not even a small bulge…I mean it was totally flat. I felt completely inadequate and pathetic.

Ironically, as a child I was skinny – extraordinarily so. Once, when my shirt was off, my cousin remarked that she could see every single rib in my body, front and back. As I remember it, that wasn’t a great look either.

I was always a late bloomer and throughout my youth I figured my physique would just get better, more muscular, as I got older. I figured this would happen naturally – something my body would just “do”. At first I thought it might happen after I lost my virginity. When that milestone was crossed, I believed it would happen in my 20’s or maybe my 30’s. Yes, I was that dumb about it. So here I was, in front of the mirror, about to step into the shower to get ready for work, finally realizing that this transformation was not happening by itself.

I pondered my options. The thought of accepting the inevitability of my current situation, my pathetic physique, was disgusting to me. But I truly had no idea what to do.

That was the day I resolved to figure out why my physique was not what I had hoped it would be, and what, if anything, I could do about it.   Having made that decision, I nevertheless had no idea how to proceed – no notion of where or how to start. I was a complete blank. I had one thing in my favor, however. I had commitment. And I knew I could educate myself, and I was not afraid of effort.

My resolution, as it turned out, embarked me on a journey of learning, exploration, experimentation and lots and lots of hard, physical work. And a better body, boundless energy, very few sick days, and a slowed rate of aging.

Throughout this site I will relate my experiences, what I have learned, and which programs worked out for me. And how I think they might work for you.

To Your Optimum Fitness!


3 thoughts on “Why This Site – My Story

  1. James

    I came across your website while engaging in my favorite pass-time of researching articles on self improvement. These articles are informative and easy to read, with a splash of personality thrown in. A lot of sites I visit appear to regurgitate the same old information without adding any value or personal insight. This site is different. I like the way the writer has personalized the information and seems so sincere. I have already started using the information provided to begin my own journey to fitness and better stress management. Thank you!


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