Yoga Burn – Get a Tiny Belly While You De-Stress

Feel Your Stress Float Away (or Do You Want a Tiny Belly?) with Yoga Burn (review)

Yoga is a mind-body discipline. No other form of exercise is as effective at reducing stress from your life. It is also famously known for creating lithe, supple and strong bodies. Yoga poses require a total focus on the activity at hand, removing your attention from life’s distractions to put you completely in the moment. And yoga can be done by anybody, at any age, almost anywhere.

The secret behind Yoga Burn is “Dynamic Sequencing”. In any physical fitness program, one of the constant challenges is overcoming fitness plateaus. Your body will adapt only as long as there is a stressor to adapt to. Once your body adapts, improvement slows down or stops entirely. To keep your body adapting (meaning getting leaner and stronger), you have to constantly change the stress you place on it. The principle behind this phenomenon is called the “muscle confusion” and  Yoga Burn’s Dynamic Sequencing applies it to build lythe, strong, and supple female physiques.  Dynamic Sequencing continously changes the challenge level of poses at precisely the time when your body is settling into a plateau. This keeps you on track to losing fat and getting fit.

Fun, never boring and very effective, Yoga Burn is geared for women and is guaranteed to burn away your stress and your fat and get you in great shape!

60 day money back guarantee makes this offer risk free.

Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn Pros:

  • The 3 phase program includes 15 different videos. This video-based coaching guides you through the poses and gives you the ability to see real people performing all the moves.
  • Designed to keep you improving by helping you bust through your plateaus. Dynamic Sequencing will help prevent your body from “settling” into a level where you stop making gains.
  • Start at any level, from very beginner to advanced. Excellent guidance helps you start out gradually, at your own level, and then improve at your own, best pace.
  • Bonus videos include routines you can perform even if you’re pregnant.
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Yoga Burn Cons:

  • The program requires a significant time commitment. This isn’t a “quick fix” to what ails you.
  • Geared for women only – so while men could participate, it just isn’t geared for them. (OK – This could be a pro 🙂 )

Overall excellent value and a truly great program.

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