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Hello! My name is James and I have created this site to write about what I have learned in the past 28 years regarding health and fitness. I want to promulgate information, and debunk mis-information regarding how to live a healthier and fit life for your whole life.

I am constantly trying new programs for physical conditioning, nutrition, mental conditioning, spiritual evolution, healthier relationships, and financial advancement and security. In this site I will tell you, my reader, what I have learned from the things I’ve tried.

A few foundational principles (related to the creation and content of this site):

  1. The diseases and decline associated with aging (collectively called “getting old”) is not inevitable – hell, it’s not even natural
  2. The human body (yes, that includes yours) has seemingly miraculous recovery and rebuilding capabilities given good nutrition, exercise and a clean environment.
  3. Given the above, it’s never too late to start getting fit. NEVER.
  4. Mainstream medicine and science are only now just barely figuring out how the human system really works – traditional medicine had, and still has, a lot wrong.
  5. It IS possible to change one’s habits for the better. No matter what your age.

You will notice (or not notice) that I don’t have a lot of clutter or advertising on these pages. This is because I want you, our reader, to be able to focus on the subjects that you are most interested in without distraction. The few ads we do have are:

  1. Products/programs/services from third parties that I have personally tried and like and that I am comfortable recommending to my best friends and family and therefore, by extension, to you.
  2. Products that I have not tried but that I have researched extensively and am willing to recommend based on that research.

If you subscribe to my emails, I promise I will not divulge your personal information to any 3rd party (see our privacy statement for complete information), and I also promise I will not bombard you with constant advertisement. What you will get is the most reliable fitness information available, written in a clear style, and without bias for financial benefit.

My company receives compensation for some of the ads on this site. Those ads are clearly labeled “(sponsor)”. From time to time I may post links for products for which the company receives no compensation. This does not mean that those products are free to you, the consumer, just that I’m putting it out there because I believe you should check it out, and I have not been able to figure out how to get paid for the referral.

Regardless of whether or not we are paid for your purchase, the products are here because I really want you to try them. I think it will be good for you. They are all risk free with money back guarantees. I also think they will save you a lot of time in trial and error…I know they did for me.

If you find the information in here helpful (or not) I would really like to hear from you. You can reach me at mailto:james@landheremarketing.com

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. The programs and products you see in this site are, in some cases, intense physical workouts. You should never work out beyond your capacity. However, in order to make progress, you do have to push yourself – but listen to your body! And get the advice of your doctor BEFORE you start a program.