Daily Workouts Are Best for Fast Muscle Gains and Fat Loss

Traditionally people were encouraged to work out three or four times a week. The notion was that you worked out hard, tore down your muscles, and then rested for a day or two to recover. Workouts typically lasted over an hour.  This worked for several generations of bodybuilders and fitness icons the likes of Frank Zane, Jack LaLaine, Franco Columbo,  This worked if you had time to allocate to the workouts. However, there is another, newer school of thought that advocates daily workouts, but for shorter periods of time.  Your workouts are more intense, and focused. These regimens also require more emphasis on nutrition, including supplements and quality rest, but they have been proven more effective at improving all aspects of fitness and conditioning.

How To Get In Shape in 30 Days

Workout Every Day for 20 to 40 Minutes

The two goals that most people have when they go to the gym is to gain muscle and lose fat. It’s actually quite hard to do both at the same time unless you are relatively new to exercise, because losing fat requires consuming fewer calories than your body burns on a day to day basis while building muscle requires eating adequate amounts of food. Daily workouts can be a big help towards those goals, though. Over many years of research and trial and error, fitness, bodybuilding, power lifting and conditioning experts have learned that

  1. Shorter, more intense workouts are just as effective as longer sessions at building strength and muscle mass.
  2. Given the proper nutrition and rest, or more appropriately, an eating and recovery regimen, the body’s recuperative abilities exceed what was commonly believed before. Translation – your body can recover in a shorter amount of time than you think.
  3. Exercise volume is more important for muscle gains than the maximum weight lifted.
  4. Perform compound exercises over isolation movements.


Change Your Routine Daily

Center your daily workouts around whole-body movements – squats, deadlifts, pushups, planks, chin-ups, lunges, overhead presses, cleans, dips, rows. Change your routine every day so you are working on different parts of your body in different ways. For example one day concentrate on pulling movements. On the next, pushing movements. Cardio with or without weights on the next.  Static movements on another (yoga comes to mind), etc. Each set should be around 45-60 seconds long and rests between sets should be between 35 – 60 seconds. Further enhance the stimulus to your system by using specialized sets such as strip-down sets, progressive sets, compound sets and giant sets. They key is to vary the load, the volume, the velocity, the duration and the angles on your muscles by changing the motions, weights, repetitions and rest periods between sets.

Start The Virtuous Fat Burning Cycle

There is a huge benefit to adding muscle mass to your physique. Gaining muscle will, indirectly, help you to lose fat. This occurs because muscle is more metabolically active than fat. Therefore, when you have more muscle, your body will burn more calories – and if you are eating a high protein diet that is also rich in healthy fats, but that is just under the level of calories you need to maintain your weight, your body will turn to energy stores for calories. Those energy stores may be muscle or fat. If you are using your muscles to lift heavy weights, then your body will want to hold on to those muscles, so you will burn fat preferentially instead. Gain Muscle -> Increase Metabolism -> Lose Fat -> Increase Exercise Capacity -> Gain Muscle, repeat.

Get the Right Amount of Rest

Your body needs rest and recovery time, but get too much and you lose some of your gains, get too little and you make no progress. So you have to get the right amount. How much is that? That has been the subject of many a research program and there’s no simple answer, but the latest research seems to indicate that you don’t need as much recovery time as was previously thought. One day of light or no exercise seems to be adequate. The best rest seems to be a day of light exercise, also called ‘active recovery’, which helps in tissue repair and to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness. And helps to keep you feeling active and alert. It will burn some extra calories too, promoting more fat loss. The workouts I recommend in the sidebars of this web site have carefully considered the amount and type of rest that is optimum for the type and intensity of exercises that they have.

Eat the Right Stuff

The gut is the most underrated system in our body. A good gut environment is crucial to good health and to a strong immune system. You will not lose weight if you eat too many calories, or if you eat the “wrong” calories. And your strength gains will suffer if you do not eat enough protein and other nutrients. Your health will suffer if your micronutrients are not in balance, or if you do not take in enough healthy fats. That’s why diet and exercise are crucial and symbiotic components to your fitness program. You need to pay attention to both, otherwise you will end up spending a lot of time in the gym, but not getting anywhere with your body. And don’t worry too much about counting carbs or eliminating fat from your diet. Focus instead on what your eat. Eat unprocessed, GMO free, natural foods – raw to the maximum extent possible. 70% – 90% of your calories should come from plant foods.  Timing when and what you eat is also important and can affect your metabolic rate throughout the day and even while you sleep.

Track Your Progress

Take before and after pictures. Measure your BMI or body mass index before and after 30 days. Measure your waist, chest, arms and legs. Be consistent with your daily workouts, log everything, and work hard to get results. All the workouts recommended on this web site have, as a key component, advice and programs on nutrition that will propel you towards your fitness goals with the maximum possible speed. The workout program on the sidebar is, in my opinion, the best workout program on the market. Its results are guaranteed. If you want to eliminate the guesswork in designing your own workout program and diet, get this package because it will take care of all the details better than any individual ever could.

In Summary

All this stuff is complex – there are a lot of moving parts and trying to figure this out on your own, while certainly possible, is not likely to happen without dedicating a lot of time in both research and trial and error – on yourself! And there is always the risk of injury, and failure. The sponsors of this web site have all spent enormous resources designing the optimum programs for average people. I recognize that each individual has their own goals, so no one package will suit everyone. That is why I have chosen a few, select products that I know, either from personal experience, or from extensive research, that they work. They would not be advertised on my web site if they weren’t.

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