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I believe we should all get the best information available regarding how to improve our health, fitness and the overall quality of our life. That's what I do for myself. And through this blog, it's what I do for my readers. I am constantly reading the latest information and checking out products. Sometimes a product or an idea has a profound impact on me. When that happens, I share it with my readers because I figure if it was good for me, it will likely be good for someone else.

Sometimes the information I get leads me to develop a new routine, or a new recipe. That's how the Incredible 9.5 Minute Workout, Fitness Achievers and the 100 Reps Squat Routine came about.

And it's not just about information, it's also about MOTIVATION. Knowledge without action is useless - so I strive to motivate people to overcome inertia and encourage them to keep going.

Some of the products I promote are not free. In those cases, if my readers try them out, if they purchase, I receive a commission. Look for "Sponsor" in the ads for these products. And know that I've personally tried the products and so can recommend them without reservation.

FInally, I promise to keep your email and personal information private. You will never get spam from me, because I would not want to receive it myself. I will respect our relationship because it's very important to me.

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James Jimenez

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